Grimm End

Take one part “Grimm’s Fairy Tales,” add a dash of “Grimm” the television show, and stir in a healthy helping of gothic story-telling, and you have “Grimm End,” written by S. T. Cameron of the Fargo-Moorhead area.

What starts out feeling like a gothic horror book becomes a modern-day telling of the adventures of Sara Cross and her family. After her family’s home burns to the ground, Sara, her mother Mary, and brothers Thomas and Daniel go to live with her great grandfather at Grimm End, a scary mansion on the hill outside Shadow Bluff. Scared yet?

Sara and her family no sooner reach Shadow Bluff when other strange things start happening. All is not right in the town where the dead don’t stay dead. And they’re not zombies. They’re just not quite dead. The oldest son, Thomas, is attacked and killed by another creature known as a djinn. And that’s when Sara learns that her great grandfather has access to Pandora’s Box. Yep, that Pandora’s Box which contains all the world’s evils.

Someone is looking for the Box with evil intent. Sara would give it to them if they would just quit targeting her family. She doesn’t know who to trust, and there’s quite a cast of characters: her great grandfather, her great-uncle, a family¬†historian, the butler, the sheriff, and the sheriff’s deputy, as well as two young women who try to take Sara under their wing as a best friend. Her younger brother Daniel has seen some crazy stuff happening, too, but he can’t talk about it because he doesn’t understand it yet.

A fantasy novel with lots of action, “Grimm End” would likely please any middle schooler or high school reader. Adults or purists who would rather not mix fairy tale with Greek mythology might find some story elements jarring. Still, it has just enough suspense and creepiness to keep kids of any age reading.