“Some Damned Fool”

They say you should never judge a book by its cover. “Some Damned Fool” is a perfect example of that advice. If I had not read the blurb on the back cover, I would never have guessed. The cover features a photo of an eagle in flight. It’s pretty, but it’s also pretty generic. I would have expected the book to be motivation drivel.

Nope, it’s the story of the man who fired the first shot at Lexington, Kentucky, which started the Revolutionary War. Author Warren Albrecht of Fargo takes the facts of history, and weaves in his own fictional account of Joshua Bowman. It’s a nice blend of history and humanity.

All of a sudden, George Washington is a young man, considering the ramifications of convening a continental congress. Ben Franklin is cogitating on his next move as a representative of the colonies in London. And Paul Revere is a silversmith when his wife reminds him of his obligations.

The author explains at the beginning that his intent was not to rewrite history, but add to it with this fictional account of a long hunter — an explorer/woodsman in the new world of America.  Albrecht has done his research — everything from musket-shooting to the uniforms of the British army.  In fact, I was almost disappointed that he didn’t include a bibliography at the back of the novel so readers could follow up on some of the topics he touches on.

Albrecht could have used an editor and a proofreader, but all typos are forgiven for the quality of the story’s action and movement. The fictional character Josh Bowman is hunting for the killer of his Indian wife and unborn child. When his revenge is complete, he needs something else to do.

So he moves east to Boston to find the killer of his best friend, and finds instead that revolution is almost a certainty. Bowman fought with the British in the war over territory against the French. We know that Bowman will be this fiction character to fire the first shot of the Revolutionary War, but what will the circumstances be?

“Some Damned Fool” is available from Infinity Publishing, and is also listed on Amazon. com.