Regional Books Deserve Attention, Too!

We can’t all be John Grisham or Nora Roberts. We’d love to be successful authors, go on promotional tours, see our names and faces on book covers, receive rave reviews for our words, but we can’t because we don’t have all those advantages: agents, publishers or managers.

“The Book Bag” will attempt to read and review books of local interest and written by folks in the greater Red River Valley. I can’t guarantee I’ll get to everything, but I will guarantee you that I’ll be honest. And unfortunately that may hurt. I’ll try to be gentle, but if I think a book really stinks, I’m going to say, “It stinks and here’s why.”

Reading is my bag. I’ve worked for newspapers and done my share of writing, but reading is really my first love. And I’ll read almost anything. My favorite genres are spy thrillers and law procedurals, but I enjoy literary fiction and the occasional science fiction. I’ll read about vampires and historical characters, biographies and true crime.

Reading is my bag — and I love bags. My family calls me the Bag Lady because I have a number of bags which have particular purposes. One bag is for my camera, one is for my scrapbooking stuff (which I haven’t touched), one is for my noon lunches, one is for my books. That’s why this blog is The Book Bag.

My husband gave me a Kindle for Christmas — a gift truly from the heart. I haven’t given up paper and ink books; now I just have another way to enjoy reading. And publishing on Kindle must be easy, because I’ve already downloaded one regional book for my Kindle that wasn’t available on paper. That’s pretty cool.

So let me know what you think: if you agree, disagree (but politely, please) and if you have books to suggest.

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  1. Hi Gail,
    I am excited to hear your reviews!

    I also have an electronic reader! I think they’re the best. However, mine is called a Literati. What’s your favorite feature on the Kindle?

    I would have to say that being able to do one-cick purchasing is the greatest., but also quite dangerous at the same time!

    Will be reading from your blog soon,

    1. Yes, the one-click purchase is dangerous! I love it that I can go online at home, work or anywhere there’s a wi-fi. I don’t do a lot of surfing, but it comes in handy when someone at book club can’t think of an author or title. Thanks for the comment!

  2. I am a local author. However, my book is not about the area. It is an historical novel about the man who fired the first shot at Lexington to start the American War for Independence. It asks the question: Can a frontiersman, seeking peace from years of war, Indian fighting, and violence change his life? He can, but only if he truly wants to, and the world lets him. This is my debut novel, published in December, 2010 by Infinity Publishing and entitled Some Damned Fool. Would areavoices review such a book? Thank you, Warren Albrecht

  3. Warren Albrecht

    My book, Some Damned Fool, will be delivered to the Forum reception desk today or tomorrow. Thanks for your interest. Warren Albrecht

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